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Leigh Parratt

Amazi’s founding director, Leigh Parratt, is chartered as a civil engineer and a water and environmental manager with a lifelong passion for water. She has developed a strong reputation in flood risk assessment (FRA), drainage strategy and design. As a Technical Director Leigh managed the flood risk work and staff at two consultancies in Ipswich and at HR Wallingford where she was Business Manager. Leigh has also worked as an ISO 9001 Quality Manager and auditor. She is Past Chair of the ICE Suffolk Committee and also lectures in Hydraulics as part of the Civil Engineering degree course for the University Campus Suffolk.

 (ah-mar-zee) means water in Kinyarwanda (the language of Rwanda). The more scientific among you will know that the rain drop in our logo is not representing a falling droplet of water, but a drip of water starting to fall from a surface. This is to illustrate the interaction and control of water which is fundamental in civil society.

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Amazi (ah-mar-zee) is water in Kinyarwanda. Read more about the charity CED on our Rwanda page.

Amazi Consulting Engineers Ltd is registered in England and Wales 07123318 Registered Office at 13 Tovells Road, Ipswich IP4 4DY